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Terms & Conditions

The following describes the general rules, policies and Terms and Conditions of

The user is bound by and must respect these terms when accessing this website and contracting its services. The user (hereinafter those who contract the services offered by and complete the application form will be referred to as: “user,” “client,” “you,” “end user,” “end customer”) fully recognizes these terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as “our terms” which govern the applicant’s use of (hereinafter referred to as “us,” “our,” “we,” “company,” “the web,” “web platform,” “software,” “services,” “site”.)


The user also agrees to respect any and all relevant and applicable regulations and legislation. Please be advised that all persons legal interests are protected and that the relationship between you and is built on trust. Therefore, you must accept these terms of service in order to make use of this site and the service we offer.

The website has been created and it's being managed by. is a non-government company, privately owned, with no attorney or any other form of lawful status.

The company does not/will not provide any legal advice, and nor will its employees. We do not regard ourselves as consultants, nor do we consider the provided services as legal consultations. Furthermore, the company will not provide any representation or warranty regarding the services offered on this website. Any consequences which result from your use of our services will be regarded as actions taken under the user's full responsibility and awareness of the terms of use herein stated. Consequently, the company will not be establishing any attorney-client legal relationship, nor may the user expect us to do so.

Consequently, this company will not be creating any attorney-client legal relationship, nor may the user expect us to do so. In the case of any occurring legal matters, the individual user(s) will be representing himself. In the case that professional legal assistance is needed, we strongly recommend to look for an attorney at law. The use of our services is your own decision and it is done at your own risk.


Accessing, using, reading and navigating this website in any way means that you agree to follow and be bound by the Terms and Conditions set herein. Furthermore, by using our services you agree to comply with the navigation tips and guidelines we provide, as well as any applicable laws, regarding Immigration in the United States of America. Please note that the company preserves the right to change those conditions, if seen necessary. In the cases that: you are dissatisfied with the use of this website; you do not agree with the set Terms and Conditions; you do not agree with the applicable laws or you do not comply with them; you have become dissatisfied with this web - in any of cases mentioned, you should immediately terminate the use of our services.


The Terms and Conditions set herein bind you to follow the specified rules during your usage of the company’s services. However, if you decide to terminate this usage, the terms will further bind you, whenever it comes to services or contents, provided by this web.


By using this web you confirm that you understand and agree with the set terms of use. The company reserves the right to amend and change these same terms and it will be your responsibility to read and understand the changes made. Any use of this web by our customers will be considered a confirmation of this agreement. Furthermore, you agree to let us manipulate the personal information provided by you, in order to complete the offered services of this web and, in needed, to communicate any newly made changes or offered services.


The contents of this web are based on the official information, provided by the Government of the United States of America. Our work aims to always inform you of the latest requirements and regulations. However, we cannot guarantee in any way the publication of recent lawful changes nor its rapid communication to the end user.



Use of Website

This website is operated by ,a privately owned company, not affiliated with any government, state, local, third-party, or marketing data agencies.

  • Generic information about Immigration Services for the United States of America;

  • A self-help software created to help simplify the process of submission of specific Immigration Forms for the United States of America

By using this website, applicants acknowledge and accept that they are not authorized to reuse, download, modify, copy or redistribute any part of the information included on and also accepts to use the services provided by strictly for their personal use.

The user may not use this site or the services offered on or through for personal gain and you may not sell or provide information to any third party.


The Service provided by ,is subject to the stated Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) which may be updated from time to time


Personal Data

The public content on this webpage is free. However, when you purchase the services offered, you will be required to create an account, protected by a password and accessed using your current active email address. The information you provide during your registration process must be complete and accurate. Should you provide wrongful information, a termination of your business relationship with this company will take place immediately. This is due to the high-standards set for this web and the obligatory requirements of providing truthful information. False or inaccurate data will be discarded by the Government of the United States of America when detected. You are prohibited from using aliases, false names or those of other people, false/fake/offensive/vulgar email accounts in order to authorize your registration. In the case that we detect any such activity, your account will be closed and the business-relationship will be immediately terminated, without any official notice. We strongly recommend to select a complicated combination of letters and numbers for your password, keep it safe and never share it.


Please also note that user information may be collected by when visiting the site and may then be stored in our secure databases. This information could include:

  • Contact details: Email address and phone number

  • Personal information including full name, address, date and place of birth

  • ID information (issuance and expiration date, document number)

  • Connection log and information regarding the IP connection

  • Cookies

  • Payment record


We collect information about you in accordance with our privacy policy and our cookie policy. When you, the user, access this site, necessary information is gathered in order to submit your application. Please note that when choosing to file an online application via our self-help software, you are taking full responsibility for making sure the information provided is both correct and accurate, since our self-help software cannot guarantee that the application is free of any misspelled words/name/address.


By choosing to file your application online, you agree to the disclosure of your personal data to USCIS, or any other US Government related authority. Additionally, you as the client agree that we, as the company, can request e-filing receipts/confirmation from the USCIS on your behalf (our client), if seen as necessary.

Information registered on is managed as personal information and will not be exposed to a third party except in the following cases

  • When the applicant’s agreement can be obtained.

  • The law requires we provide these details.

  • Notified as a form in which personal information can't be discriminated.

  • Necessary for the task such as maintenance and management of system.

  • Necessary for the management of


The company will process the application using the information provided by the applicant. is not responsible for any incorrect information provided.

Within our Privacy Policy section you can read in detail our confidentiality regulations and how we manage, store and protect all the personal data on this web.


Information concerning Minors

Please be advised that if you are requesting these services or providing information pertaining to a minor, you must either be the parent or legal guardian. By accepting the Terms & Conditions set herein, you acknowledge that when providing information concerning a minor you are either the parent or the legal guardian and that you authorize us to use said information. The company will not be liable or accept any responsibility for any breach of this requirement.


Liability Exemptions is not liable should the applicant receive a denial due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Additionally, in the case that the applicant’s application is denied by the Government, he/she accepts that nor the Government, nor is required to provide a reason. You understand and agree that this company does not offer any legal services, nor are we authorized to make such consultations. The services of this website include and are restricted to a self-help service regarding a specific US Immigration form selected by you and based on your personal decision. We are not authorized to give any legal advice, nor are we doing so via the contents of our web. All the written and visual material, available publicly and privately was created for informational purposes only. The user also agrees that cannot be held responsible for the result of said application, as approval is subject to the government’s authorization. cannot be held responsible application outcomes that are a result of having provided erroneous information or from a mistake made by the applicant. reserves the right to cancel the registration of any applicant and to delete their personal information and application when the user: disregards, changes or omits any part of the required procedure for registration; does not meet eligibility requirements and is therefore considered unsuitable to complete the online application; gives fraudulent or erroneous personal information or participates in any unlawful activity.

By browsing our web and using our services, you agree to the following:

  • You, as the client, understand that we, as the company, are not legal representatives and, as such, cannot represent you in any legal affairs.

  • No attorney-client relationships nor privileges will be created between client and company.

  • By using our services, you agree to the prices, required to be paid to this company, for the provided services.

  • The work of this company has not evaluated by the Government of the United States of America, regarding its experience, knowledge or services.



The following is a list of the restrictions and prohibited activities for users of

  • Commit any illegal acts;

  • You are not to publish, transmit, copy, reproduce, post or distribute any of the written, visual or audio contents, provided on this web for free or limited use, without our previous written consent;

  • Violate the website’s copyright or intellectual property;

  • You are not to take advantage of the name and/or brand of, without our previous written consent;

  • Participate in any activity that may harm or its employees, shareholders or third parties;

  • Insult this website, its members, or third parties;

  • You are not to transmit, upload, write, spread or use any software, which may threaten the security of this web platform such as viruses, time or date bombs, defects, etc;

  • You are not to translate, sublicense, modify, adapt, reverse engineer, duplicate, disassemble any part of this web platform. You are prohibited of any source code, algorithm or ideas copying/imitating/reproducing;

  • You are not to spam or flood any part of our system;

  • You are not to remove/delete/alter any trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights, directly linked to this web/property of this web;

  • You are not to use the services/information/content of this web for unlawful activities.

  • You are not to attempt/make any resale or otherwise commercial use of this web platform;

  • You are not to use any robots, spiders, data collecting programs or any other type of methods, which may lead to the reproduction or breakage of our online platform without express written consent granted by


If a member damages a third party when using this service, he/she shall be held accountable and must resolve it at their own cost and it shall not cause damages to this website. doesn't take any responsibility for damages of members arising from the use of this service, so shall not burden compensation responsibility for damages.

If a member violates the Terms of Use set herein and damages this website may demand damages against him/her.


Service Contents reserves the right to modify or remove content regarding the services offered, management methods and conditions, at any time.

Website users agree to be bound by the conditions detailed herein and understand that any infringements of these rights may result in legal proceedings towards them.

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