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Privacy Policy

The Word Non-Profit is dedicated to safeguarding the personal information submitted on our website. ‘Personal Information’ is information which is specific to an individual. It can identify a person, or can be used in combination with other information to identify someone.

We believe in being clear and transparent about how we collect personal information and how it is used and shared. By using the services offered by you agree to this privacy policy and its terms.

By using this website, you agree that you have read and understood the terms of our Privacy Policy.

It is recommended to check the United States of America Government website regularly for possible changes or modifications made to the Immigration Forms. While this company will do its best to keep this website's content up to date, we are not responsible for any changes made by the United States of America Government; we cannot be held accountable for any issues or possible failed submissions due to unforeseen changes; this is strictly and entirely under the control of the user.

You understand and agree that this company is not affiliated with the United States of America Government nor with any legal institution, and it cannot be held responsible for any legal issues such as expired, ineligible or rejected applications.

The intellectual property created by this company cannot be copied, spread, or used by any external companies, organizations or third parties.

Information we collect  may collect, use and store the following personal data:

Personal information provided by you, The essence of the Site’s functions entails the requirement to gather confidential private information from Users. This information can include (inter alia) Users’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of important events such as birth or marriage, mailing addresses, and payment information as well as other personal identification documents required to complete any transaction requested through the Site’s services. To process and complete an immigration form application it may also be necessary to provide some information considered to be highly-sensitive, such as information related to your gender, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, health, sexual health, genes or family background, and criminal record. The information collected is done on a voluntary basis as given by each User when they visit the site, place an order, complete an online form etc. When a User enters their personal identifiable information into the Site through any means is thus consenting to the handling, processing and incorporation of this personal information into files belonging to the Site and also the possible consignment of this information to third parties (such as couriers etc.) who may intervene in the process of the Services rendered at the requested of the User.

Documentation provided by you

To correctly process your immigration application, it may be necessary for applicants to provide copies or scans of a range of different types of documentation including: your passport, ID, resident card, birth certificate, bank statement, letter of invitation, and parental authorization letter (in relation to a minor).

Device information

We collect information about users’ computers, phones, tablets or other devices which are used to visit . These non-identifiable particulars about Users whilst they use the Site can include (inter alia) IP addresses, the name of the browser, device used and technical details regarding the User’s connection comprising the OS, Internet service provider, the user’s geographical location, and further similar particulars. We also collect data about the user’s habits and preferences such as the number of times they have visited our website and for how long. The data is gathered even if the User visits the Site anonymously.

How information is used  uses the collected information for a range of purposes related to the services offered on this website. Users’ data may be used in the following ways:

  • To create your profile

  • To complete your registration

  • To notify you of important updates

  • To notify you of new developments and changes of the web

  • To understand better our user's behavior


To process your application

We use the information you provide on the application form to process and complete the immigration application of your choosing. If required by the United States of America Government we will share the information with the relevant authorities in order for them to process and provide you with the requested certificate.


To communicate with you

To communicate efficiently with you it is necessary to use the information you provide. Any correspondence with the User regarding responses to inquiries, requests or questions will be sent to the email address they provide, in addition to data and updates related to a User’s order.

Additionally, through our mailing list, Users will receive updates, company news, associated product or service data etc. via email.

A user can decide to unsubscribe from any further emails at any time by following the indications at the end of the email. Also the User can unsubscribe by contacting us directly through the Site.
The Site may also employ the User’s information to carry out Services requested and the details will only be shared with trusted third party providers with the aim of attending to requests as specified by the User’s individual petition.
We constantly endeavor to better our Site and the services offered by employing User feedback to set up new developments.


To improve our website and services

We analyze information we collect using various programs to improve our website and the overall experience for our web users. Therefore, our Company assembles and employs these details of a User’s personal information to make improvements to the Site; to better our customer care service; to provide for our Users’ needs and respond to their requests more successfully; to personalize and improve the user experience; to request necessary documents, and o handle transactions.

Furthermore, the data collected could be employed in the following manner to better understand how Users employ the services offered by the Site and its resources; to send information to Users which they have given their approval to receive, and to send emails.


To comply with the law

On occasion we may be required by law to use your personal information to comply with various legal requests. We may need to disclose information when instructed to do so during legal proceedings, or during audits and investigations.


Other purposes

Your personal information may be used to prevent fraudulent activity, to help improve security measures, and to verify your compliance with our Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy.


How information is shared  does not share your personal information with third parties except  with certain organizations and bodies in the following circumstances:


With governments and authorities

The Site reserves the right to disclose User information in cases of Site security; in order to further investigate violations or to enforce the right to persecute. Additionally, should the case arise where it is necessary for legal reasons, the Company can release information requested to satisfy a governmental request (such as a subpoena), law or enforceable regulation.


With affiliate companies  is a global business that collaborates with a number of affiliate companies. The data may be shared between our affiliate companies which operate in several countries. Your information may be shared with these companies and it may also be transferred internally between our office.


With service providers

We use third-party service providers so it may also be necessary for the Site to disclose private information to service suppliers who work with the Site providing services offered like payment processing, site maintenance, providing advertisements, analyzing website usage and user habits, and sending emails. These are trusted service suppliers with secure access to information but that do not have the right to utilize this data for any unrelated motives other than those stipulated in agreement with the Site. The Site works solely with providers who maintain strict privacy policies in accordance with our high standard of security and will take every precaution with any shared data.


For legal reasons

We may be required to disclose personal information about you when required to do so by law or regulations. This could include laws and regulations which apply within or outside your country of residence.

We may need to disclose information in the following circumstances:

  • To protect our rights, privacy or safety

  • To comply with legal process

  • To protect our operations and those of our affiliates

  • To provide us with the tools to pursue available solutions

  • To enforce our terms and conditions or policies

  • To provide answers to requests from public authorities and law enforcement officials

  • To limit the damages, we may incur.


Managing and deleting your information

You have the right to solicit an electronic copy of your information or to petition the expunging of your information. You can contact us at any time to make a request.


Please note that we cannot disclose data or personal identifiable information about other people and we cannot delete information which we are obliged to keep by law.


Security and Retention of Personal Information

Any information presented to or gathered by the Site is protected by SSL encryption secured communication channels with digital signatures and the most up-to-date technologies (inter alia) firewall and password-protected servers as well as physical security measures.

These secure systems protect sensitive and private data transmitted between the Site and the Users. The information accumulated through data collection, storage and processing is protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction or modification of any personal details such as username, password, transaction information etc. which is stored by the Site using various security measures.


We retain users’ data for a period of ten years, after which information is automatically deleted. Data retention policies and procedures ensure  complies with legal obligations.

Despite taking every precaution there is never a 100% guarantee of data protection and it is understood that the User recognizes that it is not the responsibility of  to guarantee the security of sending information via the Internet as well as understanding that the Company will not take responsibility for factors out of our control.


Amendments to the Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to make amendments to the contents of the Site including this Privacy Policy without giving prior notification to the Users. All Users are reminded to review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of any website before consenting to employ services or products provided by the relevant company and also to check these policies at regular intervals throughout their use of the Site.

Any variations made to this Privacy Policy will be included in the content of this page and will be applicable from the moment of its publication. Posterior to such changes, all Users acknowledge and agree that it is their individual duty to: be informed of these terms at the moment of purchasing services or products from , to regularly check the Privacy Policy and keep themselves updated of any changes which may affect their use of the Site and the security of their personal information. Users also understand and acknowledge that any modifications are enforced immediately and that as per their membership agreement are therefore subject to such changes.


Third Party Websites  may have links to websites which are not handled or operated by us. Therefore,  is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third-party websites linked in this website. If you click on any links to third-party websites we recommend that you carefully review their privacy policies before providing them with any of your personal information.


Children’s data  only collects the data of children for the purpose of processing Immigration form applications and providing related services. If you are filling out a form or providing information pertaining to a minor, you must either be the parent or legal guardian. As we specify in our Terms and Conditions, parents and guardians give us their consent to collect and use the data of minors by providing the data. By accepting the Terms & Conditions set herein, you acknowledge that when providing information concerning a minor you are either the parent or the legal guardian. The company will not be liable or accept any responsibility for any breach of this requirement.


Who we are and how you can contact us belongs to The Word, Corp. a privately owned company not affiliated with the government immigration agency company which offers a self-help software that aids with the understanding and online completion of immigration forms. We help users apply for immigration benefits by providing expert assistance.

Our Customer Service Team at is available 24/7 and they can respond to any questions or queries that you may have about completing an online immigration application through our website.

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