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Apply for the American Citizenship 


You will need a copy of the following documents:

1- First page of your passport.

2- Green Card (both sides).

3- Social Security Card.

4- Driver License.

5- I-94

6- Birth Certificate.

7- Marriage Contract( if applicable).

8- Two personal photos( passport photos).

American Citizenship.jpg

What next?

If you want us to prepare the application for you, send all the above copies to our office by MAIL or by EMAIL.

To prepare the application for you we will need the following information:

1- Your current address, your address history for the last five years.

2- Your current job, your work history for the last five years.

3- Your children's names, date of birth, address.

- For those who qualify for FEE WAIVER, please contact us.

- For those who qualify for EXAM WAIVER, please contact us.

- After sending us all those information and documents, we will prepare the form and send it to you for revision. 

- Once you approve it, sign it and send it back to us for final revision.

- till us, if you want us to submit the whole package to the immigration office, in this case, you will pay us the postal fees.

- We can send the whole package to your address, you will submit it to the immigration office.

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