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How Its Works

We try to make it very easy for you, just click on what you need to do, for example, if you want to apply for citizenship, then click on (Apply for Citizenship)

You will find the all documents you will need to apply.


Send a copy of those documents to us by:


- Make a copy and Mail them to our office.

- Scan all documents and send them to our Email address.

Send all information needed to complete your application.

We will complete your application and will email or mail it to you (as your request) for review.

-Once we receive approval from you, we will send the application with all documents in order with the cover letter and the filling address to your address.

You will sign it and Mail the whole package to the mailing address provided by us.

We can Mail your package to the immigration office at your request.

You can Email us or call us anytime ( California Time)

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